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You just need to pay for 200yuan ever day in this hotel.

Our manager is on the phone. Would you like to wait a moment?

After knowing that my elder male consin is a gay ,sill did i sleep with him.but awake.

We are in a mountain now , the mountain of great momentum. Aunt said to be going to go horseback riding.

Speak louder, please? I can't hear it.

“老公,为什么我每回洗完澡都觉得自己特别帅” "Honey, why do I feel myself very handsome every time after taking a bath?" “因为脑子进水了。” "Because you have water in your brain." 解答:口语对话,老婆绝对不可能叫自己老公husband的...

We regretted having been in love.Both of us want to be a drunk.There are so many misunderstandings between us.

The national student sunlight sports activities had driven(taken place) formally on April 29, 2007 , the primary and secondary school students in our province actively participate in this activity

Playing video games always requires a great deal of money. In order to solve this problem, some students ask their parents for money, while others ask thier peers for money constantly or even steal money. 楼主我加了一点东西,不...

Entering the hotel, a beautiful garden with blooming flowers will jump into your eyes. It will be very relaxing for one to have training lessons here for a few days. (文学语言翻译,配合的行文之美)


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