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It will become much more better day by day

My miss of you increases day by day.



Stronger Than Yesterday

I don't believe forever love ,because I will just love you more and more day after day.

.i love you more and more each day

Never thought I'd like met, never thought would like daydays more than the deep of my heart month there short,time is always too fast, so fast that I sometimes come andthen hand perhaps we are too far away, sometimes the oldask...

您好! 这首歌就是张学友的国语经典-- 《每天爱你多一点》 也曾追求也曾失落 不再有梦是你为我 推开天窗打开心锁 让希望又转动 忙碌奔波偶而迷惑 为了什么是你给我 一份感动一个理由 不疲倦不脆弱 这世界的永恒不多 让我们也成为一种 情深如海不...

I believe that you will be here one day, even the farther place than here.


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