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We have got The bill of lading. I will send you if you still need other customers clearance documents.

About the bill of lading ,we asked the forwarder,they replied :the B/L still not signed .so we will track it . the date of shippment has changed from 2nd DEC. to 4th,DEC. In general ,the B/L can be signed about 3 days after the...

根据信用证条款,90%交单(出海运提单)付款,另外10%根据验货报告(要有客户签字生效),但最晚不迟于到港后6个月,貌似90%的钱也可以理解成6个月以内而不是at sitht。 个人感觉是典型的赖皮条款,信用证除了100% at sight以外的一概不接受 。


Riyadh, the port of destination to limit weight 22 tons, so higher prices. However, under 22 tons of container could be loaded 25 tons of cargo, so, can you reduce the shipping costs. Should the latter case, carrying cases for ...


Because recently the rate of inspection by the Custom is very high, the cargo is still waiting for the inspection. 附送一句 I will keep you updated. 顺便BS一下海关,效率太低了,俺的货查验也搞了一个多礼拜,悲摧的...


这位老外的英语有问题... 意思就是叫你在PL和CI上写成“Polyamide resin Nylon 6”,不要写成“N-Ethyl-p-toluenesulfonamide” PL是什么啊?形式发票是PI. CI可能是发票复印件? 难道他说的是信用证,信用证是LC呀 纳闷ing 他说很难取消样品?可能...

单位名称: Company Name/Title 税号: TFN/tax file no. 开户行:Bank 及帐号:Account No. 中国工商银行上海市南翔支行 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Nanxiang Branch Shanghai City


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