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Hi, This is Sawato from China. My friends and I like your AU very much. Can I make the accessories of the copper man, such like the standing card and key ring? If yes, we can send the sample to you. XD

Je t'aime, dans le passé, le présent, l'avenir, et pour toujours. Sincèrement, avec tout mon cœur. 不懂欢迎追问,有帮助望采纳,谢谢。

1. Through this course, I have learnt that in order to learn English well, you need to improve your self-study awareness. It's also necessary to make a scientific and effective study plan. Actually, there are many ways to make ...

but it need the efforts from China government and global society


我们就关于我们没有准时公布彩票中奖号码以至于你不能及时接收奖金而道歉,我们已经解决的这个问题然后你能够正常地接受奖金了.这是关于这个问题的补偿,请及时接受. 望采纳,谢谢

1,you was his bond pays! 2you went and bread for?

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The movie is worth watching,it reminds them of their childhood.

GM and Toyota each half of the share, joint venture, set up the new united motor corporation to the Toyota is responsible for the management. This makes Toyota not only three to five years in advance in the United States has a ...


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