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I have a twin brother, I very much like him, so that other people can't tell us who is the elder brother, who is the younger brother, but my parents recognize. You think this is fun?



The Buddha please bless who I love,I am willing to exchange safe and happy life for them with everything I have. 不知道对不对呢。。

Lease, refers to the lessor in certain 租赁,是指出租人在一定

The charming of a man is not about his appearance, but his accumulation of wisdom and steady from past years. 我把你的句子改了下。 现在的中文解释应该是这样的,一个男人的魅力不在于其外表,而在于他数年累计的智慧和沉稳。 帅有时候...

Please help translate these into English.

1、以上价格包含运至现场费用,吊卸费以及保修2年的费用 2、我公司根据客户需求,可提供...... 的习惯语是: 1. The price quoted includes delivery and unloading, and a 2-year warranty. 2. On request, we can also provide the following ...


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