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Hound training base       My hometown is located in Jining City, Weishan , near the mountain lake , the natural environment is superior. I want to build a hound training base in his hometown , dedi...

International trade depends on transportation development, the effective mass of goods transport, but the entire international community of survival and development indispensable. In international trade, transport of Marine tra...

为下文做铺垫 Pave the way for the following 重点词汇释义 下文what follows in the passage, paragraph, article, etc.; what follows; outcome; infra; sequel 铺垫foreshadowing; matting; bedding

To pretect the environment,we should plant more trees.

Research on the Two Color Injection Moldding Process Based on Moldflow Software


中文是什么意思呢, 好像可以说成: 1)不在公差范围, 是不是误差超出允许范围了? 2)不在要求有公差限制的范围内, 这件物品的尺寸是不是没有公差要求? 3)物件的尺寸精准, 公差要求的偏移范围无意义? 是 1)尺寸超出公差? (The size is...


I don't like compete with others, but if things that l shoud get, l can't give others.

你好,翻译结果如下(绝对不使用网络翻译): The design and realize of inventory management in the supermarket system Along with sterigma the shape of scale in the supermarket continuously extend, the quantity of articles hike, v...


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