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翻译成英文 不要直译 这个世界很奇怪,我们今天能...

The world is very strange, we can see today, but not like this. Rink hijinks tao lung's colleague, for you are likely to be black too you many times... Actually see through is not see through, not a little stupid, bel...


You can have a try and maybe you will succeed.


I will always love you, for the world. ————新动态国际英语为您解答。

You will encounter someone you preferred more later

At this juncture, China's economy has been making great strides, tagging along with its prosperity in science and technology, which makes this country the most advanced economic entity in today's world.

You go, don't blame me and after he turned with his back to you!

The world is very small so we met. The world is big separate it is hard to goodbye. There is a person to miss in life, is the fate; There is a person can miss, is happiness. Sometimes, quiet looking out the window, will feel on...

In your world, I learned to cherish, to know that there are a lot of things can not be lost. You are in my world, more firmly, any pain, as long as you share, then are not things.


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