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Filial piety is the basic code of ethics in ancient Chinese society. Chinese people consider filial piety as the essence of a person's integrity, family harmony, and the nation's well-being. With filial piety being the core of ...


《诺言,信以为真的谎言》 - Promise is a lie believed to be true. 【英语牛人团】

Just eat, drink and sleep in whatever way you want. Live up a happy life and keep going like this long long way ahead with a brave heart.

Good morning/afternoon, dear honorable managers. I fell honored to be able to stand here for interview, and also for having the chance to consult to and learn from you all. My name is Shanshan Xie, and my age is twenty-seven. I...

When you translate it, I knew, i am in you heart.自己翻译的,翻译不好请见谅=^_^=

Mo Yan's writing is not only with a "crazy ideas are the gas and Treasures ", is based on the tradition with, but deliberately to break the traditional clamp beam "evil trial of strength. " He used bold, rich feeling of tension...

There's nobody else but ourslves. 八级建议采纳

Hey, the quoation from you for mini figure as USD 320 (including shipping fee), i am ok with it. Please send me the bill, i will make the payment right away. Thanks!

Which state of America has the largest black population ?


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