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我爱你亲爱的。可是我没那么幸运 I love you dear。 But I'm not so lucky 这样比较通顺

I will work better. Or, I will work with more enthusiasm.

appear everythere

为了自己爱的人和爱自己的人,我要好好照顾自己。 翻译成英文: I will take good care of myself for my love and my beloved.

我非常感激你的帮助。I really appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助。Your help is highly appreciated.我非常感激你的帮助。I greatly appreciate your help.我非常感激你的帮助。I greatly appreciated your help.

可以译作: Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for letting me evolve into better people. Thank you for helping me to evolve into a better person. 精简的可以是: Thank you for make me better.

我就是觉得你很好,甘愿把你当做万丈光芒来敬仰。正确的英文翻译就是:I think you are very good, willing to take you as a ray of light to look up.

We have tested a scanning gun This scanning gun can normally connect the network and download install packages

we are appreciate that director Huang taking the time out of his busy schedule to take part in our companys ceremony . companys 10th anniversary celebration means we have10 year business relationship, and we have a grateful coo...

I'm senior high school student.More classmates laugh at and look down on me because my poor grades . But i Never taking notice their rumor .on the contrary in order to come true my dream .So i study hard everyday .Knowing someb...


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