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可以译作: Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for letting me evolve into better people. Thank you for helping me to evolve into a better person. 精简的可以是: Thank you for make me better.

The company network is unstable right now. Once it is fixed, we will notify you for a test.

这是一家已有60年历史的著名女装凉鞋厂家。La Repo 是公司名称,16,Via Mar Del Nurd 是路名,位于波尔托桑泰尔皮迪奥(Porto Sant'Elpidio),是意大利 费尔莫省的一个海滨市镇。总面积18.14平方公里,人口25434人(2009年)。 意大利 费尔莫...

so i hope i could be good friend with the three kids.


I will work better. Or, I will work with more enthusiasm.

Can you give me a hug when I see you next time. 다음 에 다시 만 나 고 싶 었 을 때 먼저 저 에게 포옹 좋ǹ...


我就是觉得你很好,甘愿把你当做万丈光芒来敬仰。正确的英文翻译就是:I think you are very good, willing to take you as a ray of light to look up.

1, Legend of the well-being is a beautiful glass ball,Or Broken scattered across the world, some people found more or less were found, no one can be wholly owned, I would like to, I found all to you I hope you happier than I am...


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