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Britain belongs to the typical temperate marine climate. Climate features: the North Atlantic Drift effect, warm in winter and cool in summer, mild climate throughout the year. The average annual temperature is high, small temp...

In Britain, the weather is always wet and cold. Sometimes it is sunny. But suddenly it changes and it starts to rain. So people in Britain always bring umbrella with them. London is called Foggy City,because it is always foggy ...

今天校园里到处飘着彩旗和歌声,因为我们举办了校园艺术节。 艺术节的节目真是丰富多彩,有大合唱、小合唱、诗朗诵、筷子舞、顶碗舞……我最喜欢的节目是诗朗诵,因为诗朗诵的队伍里有我们的班主任田宇老师,有我们班的杨智行、马号更和月奇浩同学...



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