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When I choose to give up you, you don't let go, I hope this is the last chance for you.

How are you these days? Do you good at study? When are you coming to Beijing? I will bring you to eat the Beijing Duck.

在我们家,我们一天吃三顿饭,吃的都是米饭,吃饭的时候。你应该用筷子 In our family, we eat three meals a day, eat rice, when we eat. You should use chopsticks. 在我们家,我们一天吃三顿饭,吃的都是米饭,吃饭的时候。你应该用筷子 In our f...


Have 可以翻译:我“正在”来见你 或 我“来过”见你

当你想问同学有多少本书时 翻译为: When you want to ask students how many books

小题1:You must apologize to him for not finishing the task on time.小题2:Great changes have taken place in Beijing in the past ten years.小题3:He is wearing/wore sunglasses to protect his eyes from strong sunlight.小题4:The fi...

时过境迁,我们都输给了流年,你现在成为了我的过去。 With the passage of time, we all lost to its transience, and you have now become my past. 我觉得这样翻译比较地道、 自己认真翻译的,有问题请追问、 希望及时采纳—— ♥ 多谢 ⌒_⌒


当那个人决定离开你的时候,请你也不要回头,因为做什么都以于事无补,还不如放开手,还彼此自由 When the man decided to leave you, please don't look back, because what is not to let go, It doesn't help the situation., also free


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