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Where were you at when I need you all?

I'd like to tell you that our friendship will last forever. Wherever and whenever, I would miss you all.

thank you for remembering my birthday! thank you for all your blessings and greetings! I will always keep you in my heart!

文件是否OK?如果没有问题我们会在今天邮寄给你们? Please confirm whether the documents are OK or not. We will courier you the documents today if there is no problem. Thanks & Best Regards, 希望可以帮到你 纯手写,望采纳

在英国的时候谢谢你们全家人对我的照顾,我回国后非常地想念你们,过段时间我还会去拜访你们的 中译英 : I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in your family for taking care of me while I was in England. When I return to my h...

对,他们对你们公司的产品感兴趣,想让你们报个价,请尽快回复 译:We are pleasant to have the chance of operation with you. Please advise which products you are interested in and then we will offer the quote.

I do not need you anymore,make myself powerful will be the first.

I don't talk, just quietly watching you pack B

Please kindly infrom us the detail address for express,we would send the documents as soon as possible.

Friends, trouble you to your store's business card sent to me, now delivery should be a detailed address


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