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You should spend / use / make use of most of your time on your lessons . You ought to spend your most time (in) working at your lessons. You are to work at your lessons most of your time.

你想去哪里旅游?英国?美国?还是澳大利亚?只要你有时间我都会陪你去 谁能把它 翻译:Where do you want to travel? Britain? The United States? Or Australia? As long as you have the time I will accompany you to who can put it

坐飞机从北京到海南你需要三个多小时的时间 You need more than three hours to fly from Beijing to Hainan.

爱的教育 冰封下天 助理小编 二级|消息(35)|我的百科|我的知道|百度首页 | 退出我的百科我的贡献草稿箱我的任务为我推荐 新闻网页贴吧知道MP3图片...


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